How To Sell Proxies in 2023? Tips for Ultimate Success

In 2023, the demand for proxies is on the rise due to concerns about online privacy and security. To capitalize on this trend, becoming a proxies reseller is a good opportunity as it allows you to profit from the lucrative proxy market while avoiding the challenges associated with obtaining your own proxies to sell.

To successfully sell proxies, working with a supplier who promotes reselling and offers high-quality proxies is crucial. Proxies come in various forms, such as data center & ISP IPs and residential proxies, which are more difficult to obtain but require end users’ full consent to use ethically.

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However, in this topic, we will talk about mobile proxies. It has the highest profit margin among other types of proxies. 

There are many ways to monetize proxies beyond reselling them, such as setting up a public proxy server, tracking Google rankings, social media marketing, providing internet services, and offering SSL encryption using a reverse proxy. Understanding who needs proxies and why is key to effective marketing.

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Your income as a proxy reseller is dependent on how many proxies you sell, with typical kickbacks ranging from $20-$50 per month per phone for various regions. The need for mobile proxies in the US and Europe is high, with up to 1,000 mobile proxies purchased per month for sale.

Selling dedicated and shared private proxies requires a delivery mechanism and a way to manage user access, which can be simplified with APIs. Overall, while the process of building a distribution system and investing in IPs can be time-consuming and costly, selling proxies can be a profitable online money-making strategy.

Proven Strategies for Getting Proxies to Sell 2023

Reselling the proxies is the easiest way to turn them into cash. Working with a supplier who promotes reselling and offers morally upstanding and high-caliber proxies is the best method to do this.

Many individuals and organizations require proxies but lack the knowledge or expertise to conduct the necessary research and select the best possible source. They trust you to take care of the studying for them.

Proxies come in various forms and are acquired in various methods. Data Center & ISP IPs are available for bulk purchase directly from the provider.

Residential proxies are IP addresses that service providers assign to their clients. They are more difficult to get because they are connected to actual people’s devices. These must be acquired straight from the customers.

In order to source these residential proxies ethically, you must confirm that end users have provided their full consent and that you won’t utilize their IP addresses in any way that would be harmful to them.

How to earn by Ethical Proxy Selling?

There are numerous online resources that can help you learn how to sell proxies and money. But many of the techniques demand effort, commitment, and a certain level of talent.

Naturally, there are also a variety of low-tech calculations, short gimmicks, and software-enabled methods that might all result in a few dollars.

You can provide a variety of use cases with your prospective customers in addition to being able to resell proxies. Here, we cover a few:

Setup Public Proxy Server

Many people use proxies as web browsers. People look for open proxy servers to hide their identities and IP addresses.

You may easily build a public proxy that anyone can use using a proxy or group of proxies, and you can earn money from clicks and other activity on the advertisement.

Use the SERP tracker for tracking Google rankings

Due to the growing business potential of search engine optimization (SEO), websites desire to be on the first page of search results. This is not the result of luck or the age of the website.

You can scrape keyword positions and rankings using a proxy. This information can be sold for a profit. This information is bought by individuals and companies to aid in SEO.

Use social media to Generate Money

When used in conjunction with the software, proxies can help you with social media marketing.

You can create many profiles on the social networking sites mentioned above and begin planning your campaign as you’ll be using a variety of IP addresses.

If you have a business, you might potentially make a fortune with the right software and a web server. Then there is the choice of using proxies to provide internet services.
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Encryption using a Reverse Proxy

To be considered safe and secure, all websites must have an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Certificate. Also, each certificate is pricey. Consider purchasing five distinct certificates for five different domains.

So, leveraging your proxy to lower the cost of SSL encryption for individuals or businesses with several websites is a way to make money.

Market your Proxies

You must comprehend who needs proxies and why in order to promote them effectively. Users of proxies can be divided into essentially two categories.

One proxy IP address is required for the first group in place of their real IP address. They will continue to use the web as regular users once they mask their real IP addresses. Some users could want to access geographically restricted content or may not want their online activity monitored.

For web scraping or other automated procedures, the second category requires several proxies. Most websites have anti-bot software that, if a certain IP address behaves suspiciously, will block it.

Web scrapers and other bots can mimic human behavior with the use of proxies. Due to their demand for more proxies, this group will be the most profitable. This category includes the following use cases as examples:

  • SEO Monitoring
  • Market research
  • Social media account management
  • Ad verification
  • Travel data aggregation
  • Price monitoring
  • Sneaker resellers

The best place to start promoting your proxies is on your website. Building trust with your audience by giving without expecting anything in return is possible.

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How much can you make selling proxies?

Your income is based on how many proxies you intend to sell.

The typical kickback for Russian proxies is 1,000 RUB per month per phone, $25–30 per month per phone for European proxies, $40–50 per month per phone for US proxies, and $20 per month per phone for CIS region proxies (Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Armenia, etc.).


If you sell 50 mobile proxies in Russia, you can earn 50k RUB per month, $1,250 per month in Europe, and $2,000 per month in the US.

How many proxies can you sell?

The need for mobile proxies in the US and Europe is out of control; webmasters from the CIS, as well as those from Asia, Latin America, and Australia, require them.

1,000 mobile proxies can be purchased per month for sale in the US and Europe.

Your monthly income will range between 1000×25=25,000 euros and 1000×40=40,000 dollars depending on where you live.

You will need assistance and places to put phones in such volumes; these might be regular apartments, hired offices, or even a car.

Sell Dedicated and Shared Private Proxies

If you wish to set up and offer dedicated and shared private proxies, you’ll also need a delivery mechanism and a way to manage user access. Some APIs simplify the reselling process.

It interacts with your current software to make managing your proxies simple for you. Your user panel will give you total control. You can set up dedicated or shared proxies based on the plans your customers select.

Conclusion – How to sell proxies? 

Knowing how to sell proxies can be a profitable online money-making strategy. Yet, the process of building up your distribution system and investing in IPs can be time-consuming and costly.

Despite the complexity and technicality of proxies, Rayobyte’s straightforward API interacts with your software to start paying you as soon as possible.

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