Proxywave Full Guide

About Proxywave 4G/5G Mobile Proxy

Using  4G /5Gmobile proxies can be immensely beneficial in numerous ways. Plus, the possible applications are nearly endless. Previously, it was difficult to create 4G/5G proxies manually so many users relied on expensive alternatives. Proxywave makes the process quick, easy, and cost-effective. The service provides everything the user needs to begin launching 4G/5G proxies in minutes. 

They’ll also have access to a powerful dashboard so they can manage their proxies and dongles.

How Does 4G/5G Mobile Proxies Work?

It is wise for consumers to learn more about the Proxywave system before signing up. Although it is complex in some ways, it is easy for users. Even if you’ve never created or used mobile proxies, you’ll have no trouble taking full advantage of Proxywave.

The system relies heavily on the hardware to create new mobile proxies. It will turn every connection from the dongle into a mobile proxy. The proxies created will be more powerful and flexible than ordinary proxies.

It is impossible to determine whether you’re using a proxy or you’re an ordinary mobile network user. Therefore, the risk of being banned will be greatly reduced. Furthermore, the system allows each client to access unlimited IP addresses.

There is no guesswork because the Proxywave system handles each step for the user.

Proxywave Basics

Proxywave is a revolutionary platform designed for consumers interested in building and launching 4G/5G mobile proxies. The system aims to take the guesswork out of the equation while simplifying every aspect of the procedure. Users can purchase the Proxywave Hardware Kit and begin creating a 4G/5G proxy.

The kit includes everything needed to get started except SIM cards. A Hardware Kit will include a Proxywave Server, USB hub, cables, adapters, and 4G mobile dongles. The kit is available in several sizes, including 5 dongles, 10 dongles, or 20 dongles.

Building Your Own 4G/5G Mobile Proxies

Users interested in launching 4G/5G mobile proxies will love everything Proxywave has to offer. The proxy creation and management platform was designed to make it easy for users to launch 4G/5G proxies using simple USB dongles. Attempting to build 4G/5G mobile proxies using other methods will be too complicated for many people.

Proxywave removes the headache while providing users with a simple, effective way to launch multiple proxies in minutes. With Proxywave, the process of launching 4G/5G mobile proxies couldn’t be easier. No technical knowledge or prior experience is needed to launch proxies using Proxywave.

Proxywave Provides The Necessary Hardware

One thing users should remember is that Proxywave provides the necessary hardware except for SIM cards. Although it is possible to build mobile proxies manually, the process will be complicated. Technical knowledge is required to build proxies without Proxywave. Unfortunately, this means that many users will have to rely on monthly subscription proxies instead.

Avoid this problem by taking advantage of the comprehensive mobile proxy creation system from Proxywave. Each hardware kit comes with the necessary hardware to launch mobile proxies rapidly. Kits are available in several sizes to match the precise needs of the customer.

Kits come with cables, adapters, a Proxywave server, 4G/5G mobile dongles, and a USB hub. The user will only need to acquire SIM cards from their preferred mobile service provider.

Innovative Dashboard

Normally, it would be difficult to monitor each of your proxies. Thankfully, Proxywave’s powerful dashboard makes it easy for users to keep track of their proxies. The dashboard provides comprehensive information regarding the deployed proxies.

If something goes wrong with one of the proxies, the user will be able to identify and rectify the problem rapidly. It displays the number of 4G/5G dongles and whether they have Internet access. It also enables users to monitor the number of active and suspended users on each proxy. Detected issues are displayed making it simple to diagnose and resolve problems.

Further details are provided about each proxy and 4G/5G dongle. For instance, it is possible to immediately change the IP address of any proxy with a few clicks of the mouse.

More About The Proxywave Management Software

The innovative management software makes things as easy as possible for the user. With other creation systems, it is usually difficult to manage each proxy and each dongle. Proxywave’s proxy management system eliminates this problem while ensuring that users can control every aspect of their proxies conveniently.

It also provides them with immediate alerts when a problem is experienced. Once a proxy stops working, it is pertinent to diagnose, troubleshoot, and resolve the problem immediately. The proxy management software makes it easy to accomplish this. At the top, users will see a box detailing any issues detected.

Furthermore, the problems are broken down into specific categories so they’ll know whether they’re dealing with a proxy issue, a 4G dongle issue, or something else. The software also makes it easy to change IP addresses and determine how many devices are using each proxy.

The powerful proxy dashboard is the brain of the system and ensures that users can easily manage and control their systems.

Follow The Steps for 4G/5G Mobile Proxy

Setting up a proxy manually can be a daunting task making it too difficult for many users. Instead, consumers should take advantage of Proxywave since it will simplify everything. First, you must purchase the Proxywave Kit. The hardware is designed to make it easy to assemble even if you have no prior knowledge.

Once the hardware has arrived, SIM cards must be inserted into each of the dongles. Then, everything should be plugged in and powered on. From here, the user can begin managing their 4G/5G mobile proxies using the Proxywave dashboard.

Each user must register on Proxywave so they can begin managing their proxies. Either way, Proxywave is easily the simplest proxy network creation tool.

Is Prior Experience Required?

Proxywave is designed to ensure that it is suitable for all businesses and entrepreneurs.

With some proxy development methods, users would require years of experience and extreme technical knowledge. Thankfully, Proxywave removes this headache while making it easy for everyone to launch new mobile proxies.

Even if the user has never created a mobile proxy before, they’ll have no problem achieving this goal when using Proxywave’s revolutionary technology. Thanks to Proxywave, the process is quick, convenient, and easy for everyone including those with no prior knowledge.

Plus, everything needed is included so the user won’t have to shop around. Just follow the simple steps to begin launching mobile proxies in minutes.

How Many Proxy IPs Are Available?

When using proxies, there is always a risk that one IP address is going to be blocked by certain sites and services. Unfortunately, this means that the user will have to change IPs before they can continue using the service in question. With some proxies, it’ll be impossible to access countless IP addresses.

Proxywave simplifies this while guaranteeing that the user will be able to access countless IP addresses. The risk of being permanently blocked is nullified because the available IP addresses are endless. When it is necessary to switch IP addresses, the user will need to access the Proxywave dashboard.

From there, it is possible to change the IP address of any proxy. Find the proxy that must be changed. Then, choose the option to change the IP address before clicking on the confirm button. Within seconds, the proxy will adjust and restart with a new IP.

It is possible to rotate IP addresses to access hundreds of unique addresses each day. Doing so will greatly reduce the likelihood that you will be permanently blocked from using certain services.

Hardware Kit Pricing

Proxywave is available in several packages to match the unique needs of the clients. Some users will be fine with fewer proxies while others need more. Regardless of your needs, you can easily find what you’re looking for. Proxywave’s hardware kit is available in three sizes. The basic package includes five dongles to create up to five proxies.

If the mobile carrier supports IPV6, the dongle can create two mobile proxies with unique IP addresses. One is created using IPV4 while the other is created using IPV6. The biggest hardware kit includes 20 dongles and allows up to create at least 20 proxies.

Each kit comes with dongles, a USB hub, cables, adapters, and a Proxywave server. If the user purchases the 5-dongle kit, they’ll also want to sign up for the 5-dongle software plan.

Proxywave simplifies this while guaranteeing that the user will be able to access countless IP addresses. The risk of being permanently blocked is nullified because the available IP addresses are endless. When it is necessary to switch IP addresses, the user will need to access the Proxywave dashboard.

From there, it is possible to change the IP address of any proxy. Find the proxy that must be changed. Then, choose the option to change the IP address before clicking on the confirm button. Within seconds, the proxy will adjust and restart with a new IP.

It is possible to rotate IP addresses to access hundreds of unique addresses each day. Doing so will greatly reduce the likelihood that you will be permanently blocked from using certain services.

Software Pricing

Besides purchasing the hardware kit, users will also need a software subscription. The cloud-hosted web application is a must because it makes it easy for users to monitor and manage their proxies. It is wise to purchase a software plan that matches the hardware kit you purchased. The software plan is available in several sizes, including a 5-dongle plan and a 10-dongle plan.

Each plan provides similar benefits including being able to change IP address in seconds. The software also provides IP rotation features and IP authorization. It can be used to create socks proxies as well as HTTPS proxies.

Again, the software is available in plans that can accommodate a specific number of dongles. At the maximum, users can choose the 20-dongle plan. It allows users to connect and manage up to 20 dongles. Smaller plans are also available if the user only needs five or 10 dongles.
After purchasing a hardware kit, the client should choose a software plan accordingly.

Upgrade Accordingly

As a business grows, its needs are going to evolve. In some cases, the business will need fewer proxies in the beginning. Once it reaches more customers and develops a bigger customer base, it may need more proxies. Proxywave is aware of this issue so it allows users to upgrade their plan accordingly.

It is possible to start with the smallest plan to save money. If there is a need to add more proxies in the future, the user can do so easily. Clients can upgrade to a bigger product conveniently without experiencing interrupts.

Why Use Mobile Proxy

One of the main reason consumers use proxies is to make region-specific content accessible without risks. Mobile proxies are a major advantage because it adds extra layers of protection for the consumer’s IP address.

Anyone familiar with the Internet knows there are both legal and illegal activities taking place 24 hours a day, seven days a week. An illegal online activity does not necessarily mean it violates government laws and regulations. Instead, it violates Google, Bing, and Yahoo’s regulations.

Every Internet user has an IP address that can be utilized to pinpoint their physical location. Performing illicit activities with a mobile proxy eliminates most or all of the IP exposure risks.

Share Anonymously

Some users may want to share certain content anonymously including images, texts, and emails. It would be impossible to do this without using proxies. By using a proxy, it is possible to send and receive information without exposing your private information. The proxy always enables the user to maintain anonymity while sharing and receiving files.

Accessing Region-Locked Content

Some content may be locked for certain regions. For instance, you may only be able to access certain videos in the UK or Australia. Normally, it would be impossible to watch this content. However, using a proxy is one way to sidestep the obstacle. Proxies can make it appear the user is from another country such as the United Kingdom or Australia. As a result, they’ll be able to access these videos without issues.

Create Social Media Profile

Social media platforms identify their members through an IP address. Each account has a unique IP. It is not unusual for consumers to have more than one Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube account. While each account is unique, it still has the same IP.

Social media marketing calls for multiple accounts for most small businesses and e-commerce vendors. Most users have a primary social media account and several other accounts utilized to boost their brand awareness. If all the accounts utilize the same IP address, it can alter the consumer’s ability to market their brand.
Utilizing a mobile proxy, brands can create social media accounts that have different IP addresses. It is now possible to market the brand more efficiently and effectively.

Why Use Proxywave?

Clients can benefit greatly from taking advantage of the Proxywave mobile proxy creation platform. It is more convenient, affordable, and reliable than all alternatives. For starters, the system comes with the necessary hardware to begin launching mobile proxies in minutes. Each hardware kit includes dongles, a USB hub, a Proxywave server, and cables. Users never have to worry about overspending because they can switch between packages of various sizes.

Administrators of new projects can save money by starting with the 5-dongle kit. When necessary, they can upgrade to a larger hardware kit to access even more proxies. Just remember that users will have to obtain SIM cards for their mobile service provider.

The Proxywave software is innovative and comprehensive making it the best solution. Using the proxy dashboard allows users to manage the proxy hardware, proxies, and 4G/5G dongles. The software allows users to manage each aspect of the network including changing the IP address in seconds.
The software also makes it possible to track current users, suspended users, and connection issues. If an error occurs, the user will be able to diagnose it within minutes. Then, they can resolve the problem quickly.

Other benefits include the fact that the Proxywave support team is readily available. They can be contacted using email, Whatsapp, and Facebook Messenger. The team will respond to all inquiries quickly and take care of the issue right away.



Proxywave is a highly secure mobile proxy solution. Consumers can create two dedicated IPs per dongle when utilizing IPV4 and IPV6. Depending on the consumer’s IP needs, the Proxywave kit can be expanded up to 20 dongles. Again, each dongle creates two dedicated IPs with IPV4 and IPV6.
The Proxywave kit comes with all the hardware (excluding a SIM card) needed to start creating unique IPs. Build a private proxy network for your residence or business.